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Pragmatic Approaches to Psychotropic Medication Stewardship

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has been trying to address inappropriate psychotropic use to improve the quality of care for skilled nursing facility residents for over 30 years through multiple initiatives. Since the enactment of Phase 2 of the Mega Rule, surveyors have cited F-tag 758 more than 6,800 times. This session will examine the history of regulations pertaining to psychotropic medicines and the pharmacist’s responsibilities to ensuring appropriate psychotropic use in collaboration with an interdisciplinary team.

We will introduce strategies and best practice ideas for how to collaborate with your consultant pharmacist to deter inappropriate use of psychotropics and to develop successful recommendations related to psychotropics with a focus on new orders and admissions. Attendees will also be introduced to core elements of a psychotropic stewardship program and how to implement a successful program in their facilities.

Tuesday, July 16, 2024
1:00 pm ET


Presented by:

Rebecca Wingate, PharmD, VP of Clinical Operations, PharMerica

Stephen Creasy, PharmD, Director of Clinical Services, PharMerica


Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the mission, goals, and actions of Project PAUSE.

  2. Discuss findings of the foundational OIG Issue Brief on CMS antipsychotic drug monitoring.

  3. Identify common psychoactive medications observed in LTC populations.

  4. Detail common examples of inappropriate vs appropriate psychoactive medication use.

  5. Identify strategies for assuring and managing appropriate psychoactive medication use.


This program has been approved for nursing Continuing Education for 1 total participant hour, as well as by NAB/NCERS for nursing home administrators, approval #20250715-1-A102696-DL. Attendees must be in attendance for at least 50 minutes to receive credit.

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